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Wed Dec 29 2021 22:00:00 GMT+0800 (Hong Kong Standard Time)

About Bad Face Bots

A team of exploratory robots, Bad Face Bots (BFBS), arrive on a post-apocalyptic Earth, only to discover it covered in trash left behind by humans as they rushed to flee the Earth. Entranced by these forgotton objects, our Bad Face Bots find inventive ways to use this debris by altering these mechanics to their own anatomy. Mimicking human ways in their own quirky style, they adapt to a new lifestyle on this dumpster planet. Keep an eye on our Bad Face Bots as they navigate and acclimate to the world that us humans have left behind.

Token Info

Unique, 1/1 Generated

All our BFBS are one of a kind. No two are the same. Whilst all Bots are unique, some Bots will be rarer than others.


We are not just an NFT product. We strive to focus on the future development of our BFBS and build a strong creative community.

300+ Traits in 11 Categories

Our BFBS are generated from 300+ traits in 11 categories, such as: head, core, eyes, ears, body deco etc. resulting in over 100 Trillion different combinations. Our wide range of traits allow our BFBS to have differing degrees of rarity, but rest assured, all our BFBS carry value in their own right.

3D Artwork

All our BFBS are 100% produced in 3D.

Usage Rights Included

Owners of each BFBS possess commercial usage rights to their NFT.


Non-fungible token secured by the Ethereum blockchain.


Prepare to embark on your own unique Bad Face Bots adventure. Here you will find an outline for what we have prepared for those who would like to join our journey. Please stay tuned as we will regularly update our roadmap with new and exciting projects for you to enjoy.


Twitter Giveaway

Retweet our Twitter post whilst tagging 2 friends and follow our official BFBS page

10 random lucky winners will be drawn. Each lucky winner will receive 1 BFBS.


Twitter Whitelist Sign Up

Follow our official BFBS Twitter page and give our Tweet a thumbs up

Whitelist members will be randomly drawn from those who participated in our Twitter sign up event.


Mysteries of the Ancient Computer

555 SOLD

Our BFBS discovered 1ETH during their scavenge of the Mysteries of the Ancient Computer. As thanks from our BFBS, 1ETH will be raffled to 1 lucky bot holder. (For ID 1-555)


Cross-Dimensional Cooperation

1666 SOLD

Whilst exploring Earth, BFBS discovered the existence of art. Intrigued, they began to look for other artists to cooperate with Bad Face to launch other NFT works. (Limited release, only available to BFBS holders!)


Bad Face Blast Off

3333 SOLD

The BFBS spacecraft sets off again and are looking for a place to host NFT exhibitions all over the world. Every BFBS holder can now display their own BFBS!!


Add Rarity Function

4444 SOLD

We will add a rarity function in order for our BFBS owners to look up their bot's rarity ranking


Serendipity from the Dumpster

4999 SOLD

We will start to issue "$Trash", meaning that for each BFBS you hold, you can obtain 10 "$Trash" every day in preparation for the long-term development of the BFBS world!


The Assembly


The BadFace Discovery Group has officially established. All BFBS holders will automatically become members of the BadFace Discovery Group. Stay tuned as we will be bringing even more exciting benefits to our members in the near future!


The Evolution of Cyborg


Artist KamanWilliam will quit his current full-time job and become a full-time NFT artist, bringing more great work to you all!


Dumpster and the New World

This is only the beginning of our BFBS journey. Be prepared for the exhilirating adventure ahead...


Meet the team

Co-Founder &
Lead Artist

Co-Founder &
Lead Developer


Web Developer


How many Bad Face Bots are there?
We are proud to boast a diverse collection of 5555 randomly generated NFTs.
When is the launch?
We will announce the exact date on our Twitter and Discord.
How do I mint?
You can visit our website at to connect your Metamask wallet.
Metamask can be downloaded from the App store, Google Play, and Chrome Extension on IOS, Android and PC devices respectively.
How long will it take for my NFT to be revealed after minting?
The image will be announced within 24 hours after sold out.
Will there be a presale?
You must be signed up to our Whitelist to take part in our Presale. We will be holding our Presale very soon, as our Whitelist spaces are limited, please keep an eye on our Discord channel to receive the newest updates on how to sign up.
Who is the owner of the NFT?
Once you own a particular BFBS, Bad Face Bots Team grants you a license to use copy and display the purchased art worldwide, whether for personal or commercial use. Ownership of the NFT is mediated entirely by the Smart Contract and the Ethereum Network.

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